What no one tells you about G shot

G spot is said to be a part sexual pleasure. Women are now more inclined towards getting treatments for their G spot. The main and most officially known treatment is known as G-shot. In this treatment chemical fillers are injected for G spot enhancement.  G spot is also believed to have an effect on infertility so couples are now using this treatment to become parents. This treatment is also used for infertility treatment in Dubai because G spot is believed to have a great influence on infertility treatment. To know more about this treatment you can see here:

Cost: This treatment is very costly as it is a new treatment and still in experimental stage. New techniques are being used to increase the effect of this treatment. The cost will increase if a woman wants to have more chemical for longer and larger effect. The cost may increase up to 1000$ and may be less if lower amount of chemical is injected.

Chemicals: The chemical used in this treatment is known as Hyaluronan. This chemical is often used in skin products to enhance the aging skin. This is injected in the skin of G spot to enhance the sensitivity of that. This injection works as filler which swells the skin cells and a result sensitivity increased.

Duration: Duration of this treatment is hardly few minutes. It will take only the time which is spent wile inserting the injection. The effect of this injection will last for few months. After that the effect will decrease gradually as the swelling of skin cells will go and they will come to their normal position.

Effect: Different women show different experience of getting this treatment. Some women experience a very high sensitivity and some show only a slight increase. Some do not show any change in their condition.

Even after getting so much proofs in the support of this filler but there is still a debate about whether this has any effect on infertility treatment or not? Doctors are still arguing about that. Some doctors support the idea of injecting a G-shot while others are against it. Despite the arguments, couples who are desperate about children will go for this once after getting all type of different treatments just for the sake of becoming parents.