Steps of Becoming a Photographer

Being a photographer is an exciting career. You get to go places and you even bring out the best in the simplest of photos. Photographers are very diverse people because they meet thousands of people of different colors and race. Because this is also the demand of the photographer’s career, let’s say that you are a photographer and you got a contract which says that you will be travelling to Pakistan and India, where they are said to be dangerous countries. You won’t find this out until you actually go there and see the diversity and the acceptance that the people have there for you.

People think that being a photographer is easy and they say any person who has a good camera can become a photographer. But the fact is that it requires a lot of degrees and experience is the key of being a photographer. People also say that photography is a low paying career, but the fact is that, they make a good deal of money, only because they remain simple and they don’t show their money, this doesn’t mean that they are poor. It was revealed by different photographers that an amateur photographer makes 20,000 dirhams per year and a professional and experienced photographer makes more than 70,000 dirhams.

There are different types of photographers who also work as a spy or a detective or some even work for the intelligence companies. Photographers are giving a lot to the world instead of just clicking good photos like working in aerospace, diagnostic labs, motion pictures, video making, scientific research and all types of information technology. So, if you want to become a photographer, you need get a degree and heck lot of experience in it. You need to get admission in a photography school, next to college and university and you can choose a major in portrait photography, commercial photography, scientific and industrial photography, aerial photography and fine arts photography. 

You can do internships with different photographers, you should also thrive to get different certificates like; certificate of professional photographer, certified forensic photographer and registered biological photographer. The last two certifications will give you a good standing job. You could get a good job in any private forensic company or even get a job in the intelligence. You can get any photo books online and you will find many canvas in Dubai.