Disadvantages of Becoming a Barber

Hispanic barber shaving a man

People say that being a barber is easy or anyone can become a barber if they practiced well. But the fact is that you need a lot of patience of becoming a barber. You must be wondering what has patience to do with anything with being a barber. Read this example, most likely you will be irritated as well. You are sitting in a gent’s salon and waiting for your turn and you had to get a normal haircut. And a guy arrives with his 5 years old son and they already had an appointment. The kid needs to get a normal haircut and as soon as he hears the sound of the trimmer and the scissors. He is terrified and he starts to cry his lungs out and since he is crying on the to of his voice, you are getting irritated but imagine the condition of the barber who is actually bearing that kid’s voice and making sure that he cuts the hair well. So, now you see how being a barber is not easy. And with a kid moving and distracting, if he gets a cut, we all know what will happen. 

There is a lot of competition in the market and people see barbers or stylists who have huge salaries and they are living the dream. And people think that guys become a barber because they want to earn fast money. But what they don’t know is that this money is not that fast earned. To get to that position, the barber must have worked overtime and to get that respect and experience he might have worked for free as well. Just like any other career, it takes the same amount of time to get a promotion and get a raise. Talking about hard work, have you ever seen a barber that cuts hair while sitting? No, right! That is because the work of a barber is done when he is standing. There is no way that anyone can cut hair with sitting. So, if there is Eid festival or Holi festival or Christmas, people come in like ants on sugar and barber then have to work on two legs all day long. You can get a good paying barber job at different hair salon in Dubai Marina and there are many barber shops in Dubai Marina too.