Great Educational Tips for Children and Parents

A number of nurseries have been following the process of “Early Year Foundation System (EYFS). This is a special form of a curriculum which differs from a number of other methods of teaching. Such a method does not rely on any sort of planned guidelines or any type of pre-structured method of teaching.

A child surely differs from an adult in many ways. This is because a little champ’s way of learning is quite different from adults. A child has inimitable capabilities which are to be groomed by a nursery in motor city facilitators. In this regard, EYFS teachers Dubai design a number of vivacious activities which help a child to learn different things and due to this a child is able to develop new ideas. 

Parents and teachers play a vital role in helping a child to learn a variety of new things. In the same way, the people with whom a child spends most of their time will also help him in learning new things. Whatever one puts in a child’s mind he will grasp that thing quickly because his mind is like a “blind slate”.

Reading with Children

A child’s asset is that he possesses good skills in reading. In a number of schools, different reading accompanied by storytelling sessions prove to be beneficial for young minds. Different teachers even make use of a variety of  characters to make a particular story more interesting. In this regard, parents even play an important role. By telling different bedtime stories to their kids they are making them learn a lot of new things. You can also repeat a particular story for several days and then ask your child a number of questions related to that story. Like this, they will be able to memorize some good stuff too.

Building Gross Motor Skills

By conducting a variety of activities one is also helping a child’s “gross motor skills” to develop. If one wants to improve their child’s balance then they should ask their little champ to place their toys back after they finish playing. Like this, one can also check their strength.


This thing counts a lot if you want your child to learn different things. Talk with them about their day and ask them to pronounce a few words. Playing a number of games will also prove to be beneficial for your child’s personal growth.

These are a few educational tricks which will help to speed up the learning process of your child.