Quick Guide to will writing

Will writing is relatively an easy task as long as you know what your bequests and assets are and what value they hold. You can simply start writing a will in Dubai by gathering all the necessary information on a simple piece of paper with either help of a typewriter or a will writing template which is available online. But we would still suggest you to hire a law firm in Dubai which can make it a lot easier for this process to be carried out.

The introductory part of the will must state that you are a person above 18 and with sound mind and soul, writing this will not under any kind of pressure and that this is your last will and testament which out laws any of the previous wills that you may have drafted or written. Also make sure that your will contains all information regarding you, such as your birth date, security numbers etc.

Another thing which is important is to select an executor. Before you appoint anyone to carry out the tasks written in this will, make sure that you contact them and take their acceptance before mentioning their name. Try finding more than one executor in case the first one is not there due to some unforeseen circumstances, the second one would still be there to carry out the tasks.

Choosing an executor should not be very hard as in several cases, people appoint their spouse or a reliable friend or family member. If you choose a law firm to carry out this task then your lawyer will be simply conducting this task.

Now comes the part when you have to choose your heirs. In most cases, if a person dies without a will, their property and assets are directly inherited by the spouse. If you write a will, then you must clearly state the people you would like to choose as heirs with clear identification in order to avoid ambiguity.

If you choose your children to inherit your assets after you, make sure that in case they are not of legal age, you appoint someone to take care of their possessions until they reach the desired age. Just like executor, it is equally important to have a conversation with the guardian whom you will be appointing. In other cases, the court will do that for you.