Quick Guide to Freezones in UAE

It is hard to ignore the fact that Dubai is not only one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, in fact, it is also one of the most attractive stops for the entrepreneurs to explore the world and establish a business for themselves. 

The reasons for this are pretty common, first one; major part of UAE being tax free, second; the perfect location to get your business noticed, third; the government encourages new businesses and supports them in expanding it. Apart from these reasons, there is one more thing which attracts most of the audience and that is free zones.

There are more than 45 freezone areas all over UAE which offer areas that are economically good and services can be traded at preferential taxes and customs rates. There are different free zones specified to cater different businesses, such as health care city serves the medical industry while Jebel Ali free zone has links to largest port in the region and thus favored by import export business. The free zones have kept evolving over the years in UAE providing several benefits to its users.

A freezone area should be on top of your list if you are planning to open a business in the UAE as there are many benefits that tag along as well. Pro services Abu Dhabi can come in handy when you are getting into the details of Dubai freezone company setup costs and requirements.

It is usually pretty simple to set up a business in freezone as it hardly takes 1-2 weeks to get the paperwork enrolling. The documents which are required will vary upon what kind of business you have the freezone that you have chosen to work in, but it’s mostly the general documentation such as business paperwork and passport copies etc. The packages are also pretty flexible to help you get started. It shouldn’t be difficult as you can learn things along the way and get used to the idea of free zones and a taste of how it feels working there.

Apart from this, you must be aware of all the rules and regulations as well as laws to make sure that you are covered and don’t face any hindrances in the near future.