How to draft a message for SMS marketing

These days it is all about texting to everyone and everything considering the busy schedules of everyone to have long phone conversations and it is calculated that almost 6 billion messages are sent each year which sums up to 20 messages each day to the same person. Now you can do all the math that you want and in the end conclude that bulk SMS marketing is the best option.

So here are some tips on how to draft tempting messages:

Cryptic yet simple

Your messages need to be short yet cryptic that could divert audience attention. An average time that a person has for reading a single text is not more that 4 minutes, so you need to be sure that you choose such an amazing combination of letters that it forces customers to read the message twice, give it a thought and take action that can yield good results. But also take care of the fact that you choose simple words so that people don’t leave your messages half read which won’t achieve you anything.

Establish communication

If we take a look at email marketing, we see that it is a one way communication platform where customers don’t get to ask questions and inquire more about your brand and its options but SMS is a two way dialogue which means that customers can reply and take action on your messages. Try delivering such texts which requires a reply or a customer’s feedback, this way, you will be engaged more in conversation with them and know that your marketing is definitely showing positive results.

Drive them to your stores

Try drafting a text which requires customer’s physical presence to your store which means that once they are there, customers will themselves see all the other products that you have to offer. Their shopping basket will be 3 times larger to what they had come to actually buy in the first place. This is called compulsive buying and this is how most of the companies earn.

Don’t go overboard

You need to be careful in sending messages as useless unnecessary texts will drive the customers away from you and they will start resenting your texts or even opening them let alone take action on it.

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